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the un-classic white tee

30 Sep

it’s safe to say that nothing is as easy to alter as a plain white t (and i’m not talking about the band).  i can’t count the number of halloween costumes i’ve had that were made in my college dorm room with white t-shirts and some sort of puff-paint design on the front.  so, i am super excited to hang out with my favorite crowd of charlotte crafting inspiration, crown town handmade, for their make-out session tonight!

crown town handmade is a group of etsy sellers and DIY-ers in the charlotte area and they put out some fantastic work.  i can promise that you’ll be seeing some of their wares on this blog from time to time.  this wonderful collective hosts a monthly craft night lovingly known as make-out sessions.  tonight is the make-out session for october and the craft on the schedule is t-shirt revamping.   i am so ready to get my hands dirty as i have a few shirts that have already decided to do the same and need a little love.  if you’re in the charlotte area, make sure you stop by and support these lovely crafters! 

details: 7:30 pm at patchwerk playhaus, in the back room of century vintage, 1508 central ave., charlotte, 28205.  enter in the alley past soul gastrolounge and snug harbor. optional BYOB, $5 corking fee per container/6 pack. sodas for sale.  friendly faces and comfy couches to park your toosh.

and while we’re taking about t-shirts, i’ve seen this project at p.s. i made this (a great DIY project site that also just launched a book) a while ago and i’ve been dying to try it out.  it sounds easy enough for the non-sewing novice such as myself, but i have a feeling that as soon as i’d start to thread my needle, i’d just throw my hands up in the air and walk away (very beyonce-like).  maybe tonight’s make-out session will give me some motivation to actually try this out.  results (most likely hilarious) will be posted!


hello, internets!

29 Sep

so, it looks like you’ve stumbled upon my attempt at a blog.  verdict’s out on whether a “congrats” or an “i’m sorry” is in order, but welcome nonetheless! 

this is really just a space for me to share the things i find on other people’s blogs, gab about what i’m obsessed with design/craft/living/all of the above-wise and attempt to get my caboose in gear to start making things with my hands more.

i feel like i should introduce myself.  my name is april, i live in charlotte, nc and i like hanging out with friends and swapping ideas.  i like showing off my domestic tendencies and hosting themed parties.  i like trying new things (within my comfort zone) and spoiling my cat.  yes, i love crafts, but i also have never re-upholsted a thing in my life.  yes, i love food and own many cookbooks, but i also end up eating mcdonald’s most days.  yes, i love discovering new music, but i also love singing along to ke$ha.  basically, i love everything that your run-of-the-mill design blogster writes about, but i’m too lazy to make it a daily habit and stay ahead of the trends (and i also have a day job that doesn’t allow me to stay at home, make jam from scratch and paint all of my furniture 5 shades of green while i research design tips on the computer all day).  so… this space is a place where i can gather all of the things i’m inspired by at the moment (and i hope that, in doing so, i’ll actually make jam from scratch at least one time).  no promises that it’s nothing you’ve seen before, but hopefully you’ll be inspired by it, too. 

enough with the formalities… it’s nice to meet you and i hope you come back soon!