urban knitting

1 Oct

i saw something today on farthing collective (lots of charlotte contributors for all you local people!) about a project nearby for urban knitting.  i had heard about urban knitting a while ago and have always loved the idea of going out in the middle of the night with a ski mask on, banksy-style, and making a telephone pole a little more attractive.  i actually got to see some urban knitting on a parking meter while walking down south st. in philadelphia this past winter.  such a nice little spot of color in the middle of a dreary day.  anyhow… i feel that if i tried to do this myself, i’d end up freaking out for no warranted reason because i get paranoid that the cops will take me to jail if i’m caught doing anything remotely out-of-the-ordinary.  and i’m too fragile for that kind of experience.  but!… i can now knit from the comfort of my own home and just let someone else do the dirty work thanks to this project at gallery up.  funny enough, i just knitted for the first time in months last night, so i’m taking it as a sign to participate.  submissions can be sent from anywhere and this is the perfect project for someone who’s not so intermediate with their knitting/crocheting skills (read: me). 

photo: carol hummel

for inspiration, check out the urban knitting flicker page.  here a just a few of my favorites:

this makes me wish pay phones still existed.

ahoy matey!

– i’d love to find my bike waiting for me like this.



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