glass half-full

11 Oct

so… i’ve been quite busy lately (as you may have noticed by my lack of posting) and nothing cures a crazy workload better than a glass of wine.  or, in my case, a mug of wine.  as much as i love my small collection of random-colored wine glasses, i find it much more statisfying to drink (red) wine out of a coffee mug.  so, last wednesday, when my long workday ended with my car battery dying, i was more than happy to come home to a bottle of my favorite malbec (thanks, best boyfriend ever!) and a brand new coffee mug in the cupboard.  i recently purchased a mug from urban outfitters (they have the best finds on their clearance table) that has kittens all over it, pawing towards the air as if you were waving a can of tuna.  or in my cat’s case, a crumpled piece of paper. at any rate, as i took the last sip of my wine, i realized that there were some red stains toward the lip of the mug.  and it looked too cute not to take a picture:



i am amused way too easily.  but seriously, how cute is this fluffy little guy?:


       and this got me thinking, i have quite a few mugs that i love from the good ‘ol UO.

       and one of the nice things about design-y blogs is the lovely eye candy.

       so, enjoy.

(lola wanted to say “hi”)


One Response to “glass half-full”

  1. doitwithothers 10/12/2010 at 3:41 am #

    yes, i know… technically that last one is from anthropologie. but, they’re sister stores, so i snuck it in there.

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