cola fix

8 Feb

speaking of super bowl and commercials, let’s talk about coke!  coca-cola, that is.  i happened upon this article on ready made (the absolute end all be all of craftiness, in my opinion).  at-home beauty?  DIY solutions for your hair?  carbonated beverages?  check, check, and check.  my favorite shampoo in the history of shampoos is fresh’s soda shampoo (sadly no longer available, but you can bet that anything else from fresh will make you happy.  especially their packaging).  yes, it was $22 for a bottle of shampoo that lasted a couple of weeks.  and, yes, i spent all of my hard-earned cash on it in college when i should’ve been purchasing 79-cent V05.  but, the glorious soda shampoo!  it made my hair feel amazing and, best of all, smelled just like ginger ale. 

totally worth $22

so, i was hoping that the whole coke-in-your-hair thing would take me back to those days when i tried turning a dorm room shower into my own personal salon.  i have to say up-front that my results were not as great as the ready made’s tester.  i’m not sure that it really did anything, but i will say that it was pretty fun rinsing my hair in something i could get for $1 at burger king.  and i got to smell my soda in the shower!  my major disappoinment was that the fizzy, syrupy smell didn’t stay in my hair once my shower was over.  verdict: not as life-changing for my hair as i wanted it to be; but a fun, easy, hands-on (and we’re all about hands-on here) approach to making your hair last between washes.


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