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super bowl(s of food)

6 Feb

so… i’m back!  my fall/winter was much busier than anticipated (or maybe that was wishful thinking); perhaps october wasn’t the best time to start this venture.  but things are starting to calm down and i do miss posting, so here i am.  hopefully things will be back on a more regular schedule (new year and all!).

yes, it’s the super bowl today.  and i love me some super bowl.  i will admit i am a “typical girl” and i really do not care too much about the game (and this is probably because i am not a die-hard fan of any team in particular); however, i am also a typical communications major and i thoroughly enjoy the commercials.  but, what really gets my gears going about the super bowl is the food.  i. love. snack. food.  if all of my dinners for the rest of my life consisted entirely of appetizers, that would be perfectly fine with me.  and the super bowl is the best time to bring out the big guns.  nachos, pizza rolls, potato skins… heaven.  it’s always too hard for me to choose just one thing to make/bring, but i’m telling myself to limit it to 3 today.  i’m watching the game with some of my girlfriends, so to make it a little more classy than doritos and easy cheese (besides my favorite mexican dip from harris teeter – a MUST), i am making puppy chow (chocolatey chex mix – no girl can resist!) and one of my favorites – shrimp cocktail dip.  so so simple and so so tasty.  and anything with cream cheese in it is good in my book.

i want to shove my face in this
i hope everyone enjoys their super bowl afternoon!  go team!
p.s.: how awesome is this super bowl/football round-up from ready made?!  those corn nuts are definitely in my future (and a reason to post again!).