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glass half-full

11 Oct

so… i’ve been quite busy lately (as you may have noticed by my lack of posting) and nothing cures a crazy workload better than a glass of wine.  or, in my case, a mug of wine.  as much as i love my small collection of random-colored wine glasses, i find it much more statisfying to drink (red) wine out of a coffee mug.  so, last wednesday, when my long workday ended with my car battery dying, i was more than happy to come home to a bottle of my favorite malbec (thanks, best boyfriend ever!) and a brand new coffee mug in the cupboard.  i recently purchased a mug from urban outfitters (they have the best finds on their clearance table) that has kittens all over it, pawing towards the air as if you were waving a can of tuna.  or in my cat’s case, a crumpled piece of paper. at any rate, as i took the last sip of my wine, i realized that there were some red stains toward the lip of the mug.  and it looked too cute not to take a picture:



i am amused way too easily.  but seriously, how cute is this fluffy little guy?:


       and this got me thinking, i have quite a few mugs that i love from the good ‘ol UO.

       and one of the nice things about design-y blogs is the lovely eye candy.

       so, enjoy.

(lola wanted to say “hi”)


urban knitting

1 Oct

i saw something today on farthing collective (lots of charlotte contributors for all you local people!) about a project nearby for urban knitting.  i had heard about urban knitting a while ago and have always loved the idea of going out in the middle of the night with a ski mask on, banksy-style, and making a telephone pole a little more attractive.  i actually got to see some urban knitting on a parking meter while walking down south st. in philadelphia this past winter.  such a nice little spot of color in the middle of a dreary day.  anyhow… i feel that if i tried to do this myself, i’d end up freaking out for no warranted reason because i get paranoid that the cops will take me to jail if i’m caught doing anything remotely out-of-the-ordinary.  and i’m too fragile for that kind of experience.  but!… i can now knit from the comfort of my own home and just let someone else do the dirty work thanks to this project at gallery up.  funny enough, i just knitted for the first time in months last night, so i’m taking it as a sign to participate.  submissions can be sent from anywhere and this is the perfect project for someone who’s not so intermediate with their knitting/crocheting skills (read: me). 

photo: carol hummel

for inspiration, check out the urban knitting flicker page.  here a just a few of my favorites:

this makes me wish pay phones still existed.

ahoy matey!

– i’d love to find my bike waiting for me like this.


hello, internets!

29 Sep

so, it looks like you’ve stumbled upon my attempt at a blog.  verdict’s out on whether a “congrats” or an “i’m sorry” is in order, but welcome nonetheless! 

this is really just a space for me to share the things i find on other people’s blogs, gab about what i’m obsessed with design/craft/living/all of the above-wise and attempt to get my caboose in gear to start making things with my hands more.

i feel like i should introduce myself.  my name is april, i live in charlotte, nc and i like hanging out with friends and swapping ideas.  i like showing off my domestic tendencies and hosting themed parties.  i like trying new things (within my comfort zone) and spoiling my cat.  yes, i love crafts, but i also have never re-upholsted a thing in my life.  yes, i love food and own many cookbooks, but i also end up eating mcdonald’s most days.  yes, i love discovering new music, but i also love singing along to ke$ha.  basically, i love everything that your run-of-the-mill design blogster writes about, but i’m too lazy to make it a daily habit and stay ahead of the trends (and i also have a day job that doesn’t allow me to stay at home, make jam from scratch and paint all of my furniture 5 shades of green while i research design tips on the computer all day).  so… this space is a place where i can gather all of the things i’m inspired by at the moment (and i hope that, in doing so, i’ll actually make jam from scratch at least one time).  no promises that it’s nothing you’ve seen before, but hopefully you’ll be inspired by it, too. 

enough with the formalities… it’s nice to meet you and i hope you come back soon!